Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Train Table & Wood Train Set Combination

Decker Train Table & 101 pc Train Set Pack

Double Decker Train Table & 101 pc Train Set Pack
Comes complete with roundhouse and mountain!
Save up to $20.00 off our already low, low prices! (Compared to when purchased separately)
All Double Decker Train Tables include graphic playboard!
Now just $209.95

Get it at http://littlekidstuff.com/

I bought this train set for my 2.5 son. The design is quite clever but the execution leaves something to be desired. The top is that pressed cardboard stuff that you use for clipboards. The 85 lb train table was pitted against my robust 35 lbs son. Guess who won? Son 1, train table 0. He tries to climb on it all the time and it took about 20 minutes after putting it together for my son to bend the top. He scuffed up and dented the top with his toy cars and a plastic hammer. All this within a half hour of assembly. Regrettably, the top needs to be constructed of wood or at least MDF or it will be doomed. If this train table can't withstand the forces of a two year old, it would fair even worse against a five or six year old. I strongly encouraged my son not to climb on it, but the low height (too low in my opinion-one of the shorter train tables on the market) is irresistable and it only takes ducking out of the room for 2 minutes to doom the table. With respect to other aspects of the table, the height is too short and my son can't tuck his legs under it. Also, the lid won't clear a bridge and mountain that we have as part of our train set which means that you can't put the top lid on it and keep his track layout intact--which of course is the whole point of having it. Great table in theory but it doesn't translate well in practice. Buy a real piece of wood for the top if you are going to buy it, otherwise, save your money.
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