Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Kidkraft Deluxe 101 Pc Mountain Train Set

This deluxe Train Set from KidKraft comes with 101 pieces and is a wonderful companion to all train tables (purchased separately). The deluxe train set comes with colorful wooden pieces that include train, tracks, buildings, figures, mountain, crane, logs, extension bridge, turntable, round house, trees, boat and is designed to fit on any 32” x 48 table top.

Extension bridge, railroad
crossing, wooden boat and mountain trail.

Roundhouse, painted buildings
and figures, and working crane near the 4 way turntable.

Piece Deluxe Train Set

table sold separately)

Get yours today before the holiday rush! A limited supply is available and when they are gone, they are gone! We have 300 left for the season. Check them out at:

or order toll free at 1-877-Kid-Stuff (1-877-543-7883)

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