Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A Good Toy
A good toy is safe.
A good toy is open-ended (not structured for a single purpose).
A good toy is inviting, interesting, and exciting.
A good toy has sensory appeal.
A good toy responds to the different play needs of children.
A good toy is well-made.
A good toy can include others (including you!).
A good toy encourages a child to create his own play.
Check out these great wooden toys! Click below!

Check out these great wooden toys! Click below!

Kitchen Playset

Kitchen Toys

Magic Set

Castle Blocks

Fold Up Dollhouse

play food set

Food Cutting Box

construction set

Construction Set

band in a box

Band in a Box

pizza wood play food set

Pizza Party

magnetic doll dress up set

Magnetic Dress Up

Fold Up Barn

Puppet Theater

Wood Beads

Sorting Box

ABC Blocks

Farm Blocks

Marble Coaster

Wooden Pirate Ship

Deluxe Dollhouse

Wood Train Sets

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Wooden Toys are very good for children.They are unbreakable and have no corners and therefore very suitable for any age.Children also love them actually.

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